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  • Biblio Wolf Biblio Wolf 1.1 Biblio Wolf (BWolf for friends) is an open source books manager.
  • gradients gradients rev109 Gradient function to draw gradients
  • Digg.com plugin for Konqueror Digg.com plugin for Konqueror 1.01 Digg.com plugin for Konqueror is a Konqueror plugin that adds an icon in the statusbar used to toggle a docked article.
  • gmisclib gmisclib 0.64.9 Various Python Libraries, mostly scientific purposes
  • FAAC FAAC 1.28 An MPEG-4 AAC encoder and decoder
  • kirambaKUBUNTU kirambaKUBUNTU 1.6.2 kirambaKUBUNTU is a very simple system monitor based off kirambaSUSE.
  • afbackup afbackup afbackup is a client-server backup system allowing many workstations to backup to a central server (simultaneously or serially)
  • Habari Xenu Habari Xenu 1.0.2 Habari Xenu is a News Aggregator / Reader that can deal with almost all versions of RSS, RDF and Atom syndication feeds.
  • django-dynamicforms django-dynamicforms 0.1.2 Dynamically add forms to your site through the admin interface
  • Echo Gtk2.x Echo Gtk2.x Echo Matte and Glass themes for GNOME

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  • Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Onelist Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Onelist 0.34 Mail::ListDetector::Detector::Onelist is a ONElist message detector.
  • mdTech mdTech 1 mdTech is a modified TechMon theme.
  • JPEG Disk Optimizer JPEG Disk Optimizer 3.10 The bulk JPEG, GIF & PNG Image Compressor for Windows and Unix
  • Mille Mille 0.1 Mille provides a simple photo album.
  • PyWhatCounts PyWhatCounts 0.2 Python wrapper for WhatCounts HTTP API
  • PP PP 1.5.7 Parallel and distributed programming for Python
  • Audio::M4P::Decrypt Audio::M4P::Decrypt 0.51 Audio::M4P::Decrypt is a DRMS decryption of Apple iTunes style MP4 player files.
  • MultiTask::Minion MultiTask::Minion 0.11.2 MultiTask::Minion is a Perl module that creates a new minion class, defining work() and other methods inline.
  • Monotone-viz Monotone-viz 1.0 Monotone-viz is a small GTK+ application that visualizes monotone ancestry graphs.
  • django-diplomat django-diplomat 0.2.0 Language and country models for Django derived from the pycountry module

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