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  • CGI::Application::Plugin::TT CGI::Application::Plugin::TT 1.04 CGI::Application::Plugin::TT is a Perl module to add Template Toolkit support to CGI::Application.
  • Cymbeline Cymbeline 1.3.1 Cymbeline is an application server framework.
  • Arphound Arphound 1.3.1 Arphound is a tools that listens to all traffic on an ethernet network interface, and reports IP/MAC address pair.
  • Ch Standard Edition Ch Standard Edition 6.0 Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for scripting and numerical computing.
  • Data::Stag Data::Stag 0.10 Data::Stag is a Perl module with structured tags datastructures.
  • Desktop Designer Desktop Designer Preview Desktop Designer is a tool that should bring all possibility of styling your GNOME desktop, under one user interface!
  • GARNOME GARNOME 2.24.0 GARNOME is a build utility for the GNOME Desktop.
  • libgee libgee 0.5.0 libgee is a collection library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes for commonly used data structures.
  • tr8cks tr8cks 0.1.4 Python wrapper for the 8tracks.com ReSTful API
  • Hatta Hatta 1.3.3 Wiki engine that lives in Mercurial repository.

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  • QtWvDialer QtWvDialer 0.4.4 QtWvdialer is a simple graphical frontend to wvdial.
  • Module::Starter::Smart Module::Starter::Smart 0.0.2 Module::Starter::Smart is a Perl module that let's you add new modules into an existing distribution.
  • MyWebTV MyWebTV 20080201 MyWebTV is a tool created to develop an application allowing Desktop/End Users to watch all kind of video and audio media.
  • keyfuzz keyfuzz 0.2 keyfuzz is a Linux input layer scancode table manipulation tool.
  • httpbin httpbin 110621 HTTP Request and Response Service
  • python-dvb3 python-dvb3 0.0.4 python-dvb3 is Python bindings for the Linux DVB v3 API.
  • DynGig::Range::Time DynGig::Range::Time 0.01 Time ranges
  • Boolean Expression Solver Boolean Expression Solver 0.1 Beta Boolean Expression Solver is a commandline utility that generates a truth table for a given Boolean expression.
  • Varnish Varnish 2.0.4 Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator.
  • DCE::Login DCE::Login 0.21 DCE::Login is a Perl extension for interfacing to the DCE login API.

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