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  • WFMath WFMath 0.3.4 WFMath is a math library that focus on geometric objects.
  • MuClipse MuClipse 1.3 An open source mutation testing plug-in for Eclipse
  • Kanji Lookup Kanji Lookup 1.0 Kanji Lookup is a simple program which allows Kanji lookup using radical tables.
  • HumanDrama HumanDrama 0.1 A clean theme for your GNOME desktop
  • F1 Project Post Beautifier F1 Project Post Beautifier 1.4.8 F1 Project Post Beautifier is a Firefox extension that translates F1Project website.
  • tinc tinc 1.0.11 A Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon that uses tunneling and encryption to create a secure private network.
  • EULxml EULxml 0.15.3 XPath-based XML data binding, with Django form support
  • LinkRoller LinkRoller 1.0 LinkRoller can be used to secure top web page positioning in MSN/Live search.
  • Elegant Brit gtk3 Elegant Brit gtk3 0.9 A GTK3 theme for your GNOME desktop
  • php-js php-js 0.1.2 php-js is an experimental PHP extension which embeds the Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine into PHP.

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Top Windows Software

  • lfs_criterion_extra lfs_criterion_extra 0.1.9 Extra critetions for LFS
  • Math::Zap::Matrix Math::Zap::Matrix 1.07 Math::Zap::Matrix is a Perl module for 3*3 matrix manipulation.
  • Dark Turrican Dark Turrican 1.4 A clean dark grey theme for your GNOME desktop
  • Tie::CountLoop Tie::CountLoop 1.5 Tie::CountLoop is a Perl module that helps you have a counter looping in a scalar with min max and increment value.
  • Lingua::EU::Numbers Lingua::EU::Numbers 0.03 Lingua::EU::Numbers Perl module converts numbers into Bask (Euskara).
  • sarPplot sarPplot 1.0.3 sarPplot is a simple application which takes output of atsar application and put it into Gnuplot config files.
  • Kernel Configuration Comparison Kernel Configuration Comparison 0.2 Kernel Configuration Comparison (kccmp) provides a GUI for comparing two Linux kernel .config files.
  • LastFM::Export LastFM::Export 0.01 Data exporter for Last.fm
  • RubyRoom RubyRoom 0.3 RubyRoom is a fullscreen text editor (using gtk2 for the interface) with as less distractions as possible.
  • Scsh Scsh 0.6.7 Scsh is a broad-spectrum system-programming environment for Unix, embedded in Scheme.

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