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  • Vimeo Desktop Uploader Vimeo Desktop Uploader An affordable way for you to take control of how your videos appear on the Web.
  • Clock Clock A clock app for your mac
  • Phone Wallpaper X Phone Wallpaper X Create and upload wallpapers to your Bluetooth cell phone.
  • BClock BClock Easy movable menubar binary clock for your Mac
  • Space Shuttle Countdown Clock Space Shuttle Countdown Clock Simulates the actual Space Shuttle countdown clock at Kennedy Space Center in your dashboard.
  • iTrail Desktop iTrail Desktop Transfer iTrail collected GPS data from your iPhone and onto your Mac easier and simpler
  • Neon Clock Neon Clock A great Yahoo widget that puts a neon clock on your desktop.
  • Desktop Cigarette Desktop Cigarette An animated ashtray and cigarette for your dock
  • MacThemes Widget MacThemes Widget MacThemes Widget keeps you up-to-date displaying the latest posts from the MacThemes forum
  • Linear Clock Linear Clock Linear Clock - Screensaver that features three bars (hours, minutes, seconds) which will show you what time it is

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