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  • Phonethica Desktop Phonethica Desktop Phonethica Desktop - You can find and visualize words that sound similar to a given word from the worlds different languages
  • TheDashboard Clocks TheDashboard Clocks Displays the latest dashboard clocks from
  • MacThemes Widget MacThemes Widget MacThemes Widget keeps you up-to-date displaying the latest posts from the MacThemes forum
  • RWThemes Tracker RWThemes Tracker Track the latest news at with this great Dashboard widget.
  • CRASHCLOCK CRASHCLOCK A clock screensaver for your idle Mac featuring the destruction of 4 truss structures
  • Desktop Curtain Desktop Curtain Desktop Curtain displays your desktop picture in front of your real desktop, so you won't have to clean up for each screenshot
  • Desktop Cigarette Widget Desktop Cigarette Widget Desktop Cigarette Widget is an animated ashtray and cigarette for your Dashboard
  • NTP Clock Sync (formarly netTime) NTP Clock Sync (formarly netTime) A small utility that forces Mac OS X to update the date and time prior to the user log in.
  • Folding Clock Folding Clock Free Yahoo! digital clock widget for your Mac
  • RapidWeaver Theme Desktop RapidWeaver Theme Desktop RapidWeaver Theme Desktop 1.0 - RapidWeaver theme

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