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  • STAT STAT 0.2 Free machine learning package
  • VOSpec VOSpec 5.5.1 A VO Spectral analysis tool
  • Download Manager Download Manager 5.65 A simple and clean download manager in Java
  • SSHMenu SSHMenu 1.0.1 Menu bar app for quickly accessing previously saved SSH connections
  • MooSB MooSB 2.1.1 MooSB - Assign sounds for all your devices and system events
  • BB Tags BB Tags 3.0 Firefox add-on that allows you to copy BB formatted images and links.
  • Bygga Bygga 1.1.0 BYGGA is a powerful and flexible tool for building small to medium sized web sites
  • Nuggets Nuggets 1.0 Nuggets - Designed for the true nugget-lovers.
  • Thumbnail Generator Thumbnail Generator Beta 1 Program that generates thumbnails from image files
  • StudyCards StudyCards 1.1 Flashcard application with cloud support

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Top Windows Software

  • Save TXT note to DEVONthink folder Save TXT note to DEVONthink folder 011 Keyboard Maestro 5 Macro that captures thoughts as they occur
  • Maintenance Monkey Maintenance Monkey 1.5.6 Start your own personal maintenance routine in less than a minute
  • TwitterBackup TwitterBackup 3.0.2 A free Twitter backup tool in Java
  • Guber Guber Free program that automatically renames text files provided by the Gutenberg project and extracts relevant information about them
  • auctionANT auctionANT 0.2.11 Free and open source auction management tool for your Mac
  • Rainbow Green Rainbow Green 1.0 A free paint screensaver
  • Thumbnail Expander Thumbnail Expander 1.0 Thumbnail Expander - Firefox add-on that allows you to expand the image thumbnail into ful images and embeds video links.
  • Basic melting temperature widget Basic melting temperature widget 1.0 Basic melting temperature widget - Widget calculates melting temp of a nucleic acid
  • VB-99 Driver VB-99 Driver 1.0.0 Driver for the VB-99 V-Bass System
  • Messengers of Spring Messengers of Spring 1.0 Customize your desktop with this nice spring screensaver

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