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AXAnalyst+Video 3.0

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The perfect tool to produce videos with overlaid data.

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The perfect tool to produce videos with overlaid data.
AXAnalyst+Video combines the best in data acquisition and analysis with your in-car (or outside-of-car) video, producing videos with overlaid data.Data analysis is the key for finding out how you can go faster. Video of the driver is the key for breaking bad habits and developing good ones. AXAnalyst+Video combines the ability of AXAnalyst to help you go faster after only one run with the ability to create a combined video to correlate the data with the actions! It will analyze the data from a run and present the results in a form that is easy to understand, and instantly identifies the segments of the run that need improvement. It's like having a coach sitting right there next to you in the car, who can not only tell you where, but also how to improve. Add to that the ability to combine the data and video to get a complete picture of the run.AXAnalyst+Video does this by providing a "two-minute analysis" that can be done even between runs. Simply start the download of your run's data to AXAnalyst+Video (it reads the data from the GTechPro directly), and take care of your normal post-run tasks. Come back to find the data downloaded and the analysis on your computer screen! From there, slice-and-dice the data as you want, or open a previous run in the same window to do a side-by-side comparison complete with analysis of which run is slower, and by how much at every single point on the run!Later, you can combine the video and data to discover interactions between car input and reactions. Plus, you can also later upload the video to popular video sharing sites such as Google and YouTube.AXAnalyst+Video combines the functionality of the critically-acclaimed AXAnalyst with the ability to create and combine multiple video sequences.All you have to do is download the version for your computer along with some sample run files, and test it yourself. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Significantly improve MPH calculation — to the point that it is now within 1% of the value calculated using RPM, gearing and tire size.
· Replace table-driven editing start and end with direct manipulation of the start and end markers.
· Fix drawing issues with redrawing the maps.
· Replace "Calc. Speed" with "Calc. MPH" to reduce confusion.
· Add support for TraqMate CSV export files.
· Add support for g-tac data mail messages.
· Add support for "generic" GPS CSV data files.
· Draw RPM redline, if supported by device.
· Add Total G strip chart option.
· Add time-scaling strip chart to allow viewing of more detail.
· Add strip chart G-force grid lines
· Add popups to allow changing visible data directly on the strip charts.
· Add support for saving session information (zoom, start/end, rotation, video titles, video start time).
· Fix Movie Maker minimum window size problem.
· Significantly reduce video creation time.
· Make telemetry data, map, and G-G circle more opaque on Quicktime videos.
· Fix major problem when exporting MP4 videos under Windows
· Other bug fixes.

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