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Cocoa port of the SDL version

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Cocoa port of the SDL version
Atari800MacX is a free Atari 8Bit Emulation Tool For Mac OSX.Unlike the first primitive release, it now does not require libSDL to be installed seperately, but includes it within the application package. Atari800MacX does however require ROM image files from the original Atari systems, but the files are not available here. Requirements:
· Source requires Apple Mac OSX Development Tools.
· Mac OS X 10.2 for basic functionality, and OS X 10.3 or 10.4 for Epson and Atari 825 Printer Emulation.
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
Features Added/Changed:
· Added new synchronized sound support, which increases sound accuracy, removes noise from some games, and allows things such as the WoofWoof demo to work which did not work in older versions. The Hi-Fi audio is not selected all the time, but the user is now able to selected between 16 bit and 8 bit sound, with 16 being the default on Intel machines, and only 8 bit sound is available on PPC machines.
· Now being built with Snow Leopard, therfore OSX 10.3.9 is no longer supported.
Bugs Fixed:
· Fixed issue SpartaDos X piggyback cartridges which was introduced in version 4.0
· FFixed issue with Cmd-Option shortcuts for window resizing, etc.
· FAdded fix from Atari800 core emulator for mouse emulation handling.

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