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Auto-Tune EFX 1.0.2

Auto-Tune EFX 1.0.2 Editors Comment

The quickest, easiest, most affordable tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effects

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The quickest, easiest, most affordable tool for real-time pitch correction and creating the Auto-Tune Vocal Effects
Auto-Tune EFX makes Antares-quality pitch processing accessible to anyone engaged in computer-based audio recording. Designed to make almost everything automatic, Auto-Tune EFX provides two different flavors of the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect as well as the real-time pitch correction. Just select your desired effect type, set the key and scale of your track, and let Auto-TunFor songs with complex chord progressions or modulations, you can optionally set up custom scales or use your host's automation facility to allow the processing of virtually any vocal line.The Auto-Tune Vocal Effect is what is technically known as “pitch quantization.” Instead of allowing all of the small variations in pitch and the gradual transitions between notes that are a normal part of singing, the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect limits each note to an exact pitch, stripping out any variation, as well as forcing instantaneous transitions between notes. Requirements:
· AU or VST Host
· Pro Tools

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