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BP_FeatureExtractor 0.3.6

BP_FeatureExtractor 0.3.6 Editors Comment

Java tool to extract features from SIF files

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BP_FeatureExtractor 0.3.6 Description

BP_FeatureExtractor is a handy application that was created to load SIF files, analyze them and finally extract the contained features.
BP_FeatureExtractor can easily be deployed via command-line and you can check out the results from the 'features.tsv' file BP_FeatureExtractor will generate automatically as soon as the process is complete.
It is developed using the Java programming language and can be run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

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  • If you need help or have a question to BP_FeatureExtractor 0.3.6, visit our forum or contact us
  • Would you like to update BP_FeatureExtractor 0.3.6 info?

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