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Cidero 1.5.3

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UPnP control point and UPnP bridge software package

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UPnP control point and UPnP bridge software package
Cidero is a software pack containing a variety of software applications and utilities, focused on UPnP-based media control and distribution in the networked home environment. All applications are freely available, and full source code is included for the benefit of developers who wish to make their own enhancements.Media ControllerA growing number of UPnP A/V-compatible MediaServer and MediaRenderer devices are becoming available for the networked home. To date, control of these devices is most commonly accomplished via a UPnP control point embedded within a MediaRenderer device and driven by an infrared remote. In some situations, such as browsing large media collections, the infrared remote control-based UI can be inconvenient, and when a PC is available, a PC-based remote control capability can be preferable. The Cidero UPnP Media Controller is a Java-based, cross-platform solution that addresses this need, providing support for browsing and playback of digital music, photos and movies.Internet Radio ServerInternet radio stations commonly support a number of broadcast formats (Shoutcast, streaming Windows Media, etc...), as well as a number of different bitrates for each format. In order to implement load sharing for stations with a large listener base, each individual format/bitrate stream combination may also utilize multiple internet host:port addresses, typically represented using a playlist in M3U or PLS format. In addition to all the stream-related information, there is the metadata for the station itself, which includes the station name, call sign (if applicable), genre, geographic location, language, and other descriptive information.Many UPnP media servers do not provide a mechanism for managing all the information for a single station in a coherent way. A fair amount of organizational effort can be required to set up and use net radio stations, especially if a user wishes to use different format/bitrate combinations in different situations. The UPnP framework itself actually provides good support for managing radio station metadata. All the information for a single station can be conveniently represented using the standard UPnP XML respresentation of an AudioBroadcastItem metadata object. The Cidero radio server uses a set of files formatted to this XML standard for its station database. Since the metadata already conforms to the UPnP standard, the server can respond to UPnP browse requests by simply transferring a copy of the XML object read from disk at server startup to the requesting device (well, more or less!).A second design goal of the radio server is to provide a proxy/relay capability to allow multiple devices inside the home to listen to the same stream while maintaining only a single connection to the radio station server. This saves bandwidth for both the user and the Internet broadcaster. The proxy server implementation used by the server is also capable of supporting synchronized playback among multiple devices of the same type (though this feature is still a work in progress).UPnP BridgeThe UPnP bridge software allows non-UPnP devices, to be used in a UPnP network, and extends the UPnP capabilities of others. Support for bridging of the Prismiq Media Player is currently implemented, with support for things like IR-controllable devices planned for the future. Requirements:
· Java 1.4 or later

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