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Helps you clean your MySQL database's field values

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Data Cleansing is a powerful and easy to use OS X application that will help you clean up the field values in a MySQL database.Cleansing types include:· Case Cleansing — iNVERT cASE, lowercase, RaNdOM cAsE, Title Case, Sentence case and UPPERCASE.· Text Cleansing —Add Time to Date, Bullets to Hyphens, Date Format, Day of the Week, Day of the Year, Days left in the Year, Em/En-dash to Hyphen, Hash Value, Hyphen to Em-dash, Hyphen to En-dash, L33T Speak, LineFeeds to Returns, Non-breaking Spaces to normal Space, Normal Spaces to non-breaking Space, Number Format, Number of Letters, Number of Words, Number to Words, “Quotes”, Returns to LineFeeds, Shift ASCII value, Soundex Code, Symbols, Tabs to Spaces, Value and Week of the Year.· Remove Text Cleansing —Remove All, Remove All ASCII, Remove ASCII Control characters, Remove Excess Returns, Remove Excess Spaces, Remove Excess Tabs, Remove LineFeeds, Remove Non ASCII, Remove Non Letters, Remove Non Numbers, Remove Periods, Remove Punctuation, Remove Returns, Remove Spaces and Remove Tabs.· Personal Data Cleansing — Email to Web, Name to Salutation/First/Last and Phone Number.NOTE: To buy Data Cleansing via the App Store an Apple account is required.

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