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Desktop Pets 1.0

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Have little virtual pets on your screen

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Have little virtual pets on your screen
Desktop Pets puts little virtual pets on your screen that will follow the mouse cursor, run around randomly or just run away from the mouse.By selecting Settings from the File menu (in the Macintosh version) or from the contextual menu from right-clicking a pet, you can change behaviors, change the image, or create more pets.This program was based on Neko 98 by David Harvey, which itself was a port of the X-Windows Neko by Masayuki Koba, which was based on the Macintosh Neko DA by Kenji Gotoh, which was based on the original Neko for NEC PC-8901.I made this because there wasn't a port of Neko 98 / X-Windows Neko for Mac OS, and I thought there needed to be since Macintosh should be the king of desktop toys! (The Neko DA is from 1989, is darn hard to get ahold of, and only chases the mouse in a small little window.)

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