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DnsblCheck 0.6

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Takes an IP address and looks it up against common black and white lists

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Takes an IP address and looks it up against common black and white lists
DnsblCheck is a free Java based tool that will take an IP address of a mail server and look it up in common black and white lists. There are web services that do this, but normally this is quicker and can also warn of network, DNS and PTR record errors.The DnsblCheck program does not test against all known DNSBLs - only the major players. The majority of anti-spam systems use these well known lists whereas most of the others are either private or obscure and limited in use.DnsblCheck returns results quickly. If you find it has not completed all of the lookups in less than a few seconds you probably have a DNS issue going on that needs attention.DnsblCheck also check for a ptr record, and make sure that the reverse lookup for the ptr hostname matches the given IP. Failure to match up will cause many shades of delivery trouble with the professional anti-spam systems such as those used by Hotmail, Google etc.Please be aware that DnsblCheck makes network calls out to DNS servers and may cause a firewall programs to alert you to this. There is nothing nefarious going on - the source code is supplied if you wish to check. Also be aware that dnsbl lists are usually provided free only for casual or light use. Individual lists have their own usage licences and may withdraw service to excessive users. Requirements:
· Java 6 or later

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