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Dock Separators: Blueglow free download, Dock Separators: Blueglow download on software download - foxtoo.com

Dock Separators: Blueglow 1.1.1

Dock Separators: Blueglow 1.1.1 Editors Comment

Fit better into Leopard's new design.

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Dock Separators: Blueglow 1.1.1 Description

Fit better into Leopard's new design.
Dock Separators: Blueglow is inspired by the Dock Separators from Mauro Dalu these new Separators were created.They fit better into Leopard's new design. If you like you can visit the author's website to have a look at detailed instructions for creating your own custom Dock Separators. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Added 64-bit binary. PPC binary abandoned!
· Do not run on a system prior to Leopard or Snow Leopard!

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