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Drug War Cost Clock 1.1

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Uses government budget data to calculate how much taxpayer money has been spent since January 1

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Uses government budget data to calculate how much taxpayer money has been spent since January 1
If you use a Macintosh and are concerned about the the government's continuation of the failed War on Drugs and its cost to taxpayers, you might want to download our Drug War Cost Clock widget. It is the widget form of the clock that appears at the top of this page, just below the menu. The major version number (the first two digits) represents the budget year upon which calculations are based. The rest of the version number represents the actual software version.Using data from the two most authoritative sources available, on the the monetary cost of the Drug War, it displays the amount of money that the government has spent, since the beginning of this year, in the bogus name of fighting the Drug War. Unfortunately, there is no way to calculate the devastating social costs of the government abuses that the Drug War has spawned, like making the United States the nation that imprisons a greater percentage of its population than any other nation on Earth.Based upon budget data for the year 2006, this widget ticks over $1,620.37 each and every second of every day, as a visual reminder of just how much of our money the government is wasting on a Drug War that has only resulted in an increase in the availability of drugs to our children, a significant increase in drug related violence and a severe reduction in our rights, under the color of fighting the War on Drugs. The back side of the widget has a scrollable window that details where the data for these calculations originated. The widget expands, when flipped over, to make it easier to read the details and returns to normal size, when flipped back to the front.The number that we use for our calculations is slightly lower than other cost numbers that you may find cited by various sources, because it is our policy at Action America to only use the most conservative numbers that we can positively stand behind, in such cases. When two equally authoritative sources disagree by a small number, as often happens, we will always use the lower number. It's not that we want to help the government look any less incompetent. We just don't want to inject our bias into the numbers. We want you to know where the numbers come from, so you can make up your own mind on how bad the situation really is.This widget will automatically reset every January. However, that will not update the new budget numbers that climb ever higher each year. We also plan to release, in the coming months, a new version which will update the Drug War budget numbers, from a file on our web site, with each year's changing budget. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· This version updates the formulas used in the calculations, to use the most recent 2009 federal budget data.

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