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KM-CODEX Desktop Forum 0.4

KM-CODEX Desktop Forum 0.4 Editors Comment

AN AIR-based MySQL forum system with the ABCms post authoring additions

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KM-CODEX Desktop Forum 0.4 Description

AN AIR-based MySQL forum system with the ABCms post authoring additions
The KM-CODEX Desktop Forum is a highly configurable forum, that allows everything from coloring of panels and text to dropping of images for backgrounds. Here are other actions that you can perform: thread emailing, recover password, post editing and more. Guest account allows users to see the board in action. The KM-CODEX Desktop Forum supports auto updating and install badge for the ease of installation. Requirements:
· Adobe AIR

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  • If you need help or have a question to KM-CODEX Desktop Forum 0.4, visit our forum or contact us
  • Would you like to update KM-CODEX Desktop Forum 0.4 info?

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