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Linotype FontExplorer X 1.2.3 Build 833

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Linotype FontExplorer X - Font management software

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Linotype FontExplorer X - Font management software FontExplorer X sets a new standard for font management software. After several relatively sad years for all font users who were looking for a professional font manager, Linotype is pleased to fill the gap with the new FontExplorer X. Font management has never been so simple, and font sorting, font shopping and font discovery are now more fun than ever. FontExplorer X will give computer users all the font functions they could need, and will allow them to decide how deeply they wish to dive into various font themes.Powerful font handlingOrganize your fonts just like your media files using a library, folders, tags and even smart sets. You want direct access to all typefaces from a certain foundry? All italics? Or all fonts tagged with a certain keyword? FontExplorer X makes this easy!All fonts and formats are recognized automatically and can be managed in a comfortable way. You decide whether FontExplorer X should take control over the folder structure, or if you want to leave it untouched we built this software to be as unobtrusive as possible. Built-in Online StoreEver wanted to browse through fonts you want in the same way as the fonts you already have? Try Linotype's FontExplorer X and its integrated shopping solution. Whenever you are looking for a particular font, you will find it here. And the best part: you can try it and play around with it before you buy it.Examine and compare fonts inside FontExplorer X's online store as if they were installed on your system. If you found your favourite, add it to your shopping cart and purchase it with only a few clicks. This is a whole new font licensing experience. Auto-ActivationFinally an auto-activation function that really works! FontExplorer X lets you decide which applications may request fonts, and which may not. And of course there are plugins for popular DTP apps like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Quark XPress. Detailed font informationFontExplorer X shows virtually every bit of information a font file can contain. You can examine the complete character set, inform yourself about the legal stuff or just see a few sample paragraphs to know what a font looks like in real-life context.Main features of Linotype FontExplorer X:Help FunctionsSetup AssistantAuto UpdaterComprehensive Application HelpOnline FAQ Archive Font ManagementEnable/Disable FontsClear Font CachesClear Application (Adobe, Microsoft, Quark) Font CachesEnable/Disable SetsSmart SetsSupport for Apples Font CollectionsTypeface family viewOpenType style linking view Font InformationCustomizable PreviewDetailed PreviewCharacter ViewFont InformationExport as image/zip/disk imageCharacter information System IntegrationSpotlight SupportWorks on 10.3.9 and 10.4 Missing-Font HandlingSystemwide auto-activation of fontsAdobe InDesign CS1/CS2 SupportAdobe Illustrator CS1/CS2 SupportQuarkXPress 6.5 Support Language VersionsSupported languages are currently English and German. MiscellaneousIntegrated Font StoreConflict HandlingDocument font scannerGrowl supportFree download What's New in This Release:
This update (Version 1.2.3) fixes among other things some misbehavior in previous versions of FontExplorer X when used under Mac OS X 10.5. It is strongly recommended for all users of Mac OS X 10.5.
Updated features: The Clean System Fonts Folder function now also takes care of those fonts that are part of the System installation of Mac OS X 10.5.
System font requests for auto activation caused requesting applications to hang until FontExplorer X is quit. This has been fixed
Deleting font caches under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) now works as expected
Show/Hide Font Collections under Mac OS X 10.5 now works as expected
Smart Set conditions contained in and not contained in now work as expected
Instability (freezes, crashes) with QuarkXPress 6.5 when using the Plug-In have been fixed (new Plug-In v1.41)

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