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MatrixBatchEPS 1.0.6

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Batch convert Quark documents to EPS

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Batch convert Quark documents to EPS
MatrixBatchEPS is a Quark 6 XTension that will allow the user to convert all Quark documents inside a user specified folder into EPS files.Take a folder of Quark files and process them into EPS files faster than a speeding bullet!The XTension handles which files have caused an error, allows prefixing and suffixing of filenames, scaling, OPI, Mac and PC files, all this and it processes files so quickly that you'll be finished in next to no time! Requirements:
· Quark XPress 6.
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Fixed a bug where only the first page was processed regardless of "Process first page only" setting.

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