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Mimio Studio 5.34

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Capture, save and share notes.

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Mimio Studio is the collection, storage and sharing of notes. Mimio Studio allows you to capture, share and save a whiteboard so many fronts notes.Staying inform each weekday can be a juggling act! Mimio Studio with improved your lessons and add to your repertoire of interactive teaching function, Mimio Studio through our improvements, we have more and more features, Mimio Studio now supports multimedia files ? import or drag-and-drop audio , video and Flash files to the mimio Studio to create high-impact presentations. Meanwhile Mimio Studio also supported formats, including SWF, FLV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, M4P and AIF. Enhanced Gallery, and materials to rapidly create lessons in different subjects and grade. Mimio Studio can add to the picture has more visual impact. A new nested folder structure makes it easy to see whats available, Mimio Studio provides a quick find option to busy teachers to live search. Slim toolbar and more ... · redesigned, slimmer toolbar to easily access the tool at any time. Trash missing on the screen so that a click and towed away. Repair or by locking or set the transparency level objects.

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