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Photo Print Pilot 2.1.1

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A Mac OS X application that provides support for quickly printing photographs at home using a wide rang...

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Setting up a new layout every time you want to print one of you photos can prove to be time consuming. Photo Print Pilot is a small Mac app designed to eliminate this issue by providing quick access to a collection of layout templates.
Photo Print Pilot is able to work with popular image file formats, such as GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and JPEG. Moreover, the app comes with an intuitive user interface and a fairly streamlined workflow.
The first time you launch the application you will be prompted to set up the page and photo sizes. Unless you uncheck the “Show at Startup” box from the bottom of the Settings panel, you will view this window each time you open the app.
Since you can easily access these settings via the Photo Print Pilot File menu at any time, it is more convenient to actually deactivate the function.
In the Photo Print Pilot main window you can easily browse your image library and preview image thumbnails before you decide which one you want to include in the current layout.
To get started, you must add new pages to the layout panel. Photo Print Pilot provides a collection of 37 layout templates that are suitable for a wide range of projects. Note that you must adjust the page size beforehand: at this stage, the paper size cannot be changed.
Photo Print Pilot comes with basic image editing capabilities, such as crop or rotate. Moreover, you can choose to apply a date stamp to the image (you get to customize the stamp position and the font style, size and color).
All things considered, Photo Print Pilot can prove to be a very useful utility if you are frequently printing images at home and you don’t want to waste time setting up different layouts.

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