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Pinegrow Web Designer 1.0.0

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A well-designed and intuitive application that provides all the tools and features you need to design o...

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Pinegrow Web Designer 1.0.0 Description

Pinegrow Web Designer is a cross-platform application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly mockup and design webpages.
Pinegrow Web Designer features a user-friendly interface from which you can load and edit multiple webpages at the same time. What is more, you can duplicate and mirror pages in order to check different screen sizes. You can easily edit the layout and CSS in order to view how your page can handle different device sizes.
With the help of CSS rules you can personalize the design of your page and use less functions, variables and expressions in order to create customizable templates. Moreover, you can take advantage of the stylesheet manager and attach, detach, duplicate and reorder the stylesheets.
Pinegrow Web Designer also comes with Bootstrap 3, CSS and components support fact hat enables you to drag and drop various elements and control them directly through UI properties, context menus and sortable DOM tree.
You can even work on non-Bootstrap or HTML pages opened from the Internet and perform multipage edits, drag and drop elements and edit the code. In addition, you can use Pinegrow Web Designer as a CMS for your static HTML pages and rearrange elements and change their text content.
What is more, Pinegrow Web Designer allows you to edit the full HTML and Less/CSS code or just the code of individual HTML elements and CSS rules, and preview all your changes in real time. If you are not happy with your changes you can always use the undo feature and return to the original form.
Thanks to Pinegrow Web Designer you can open and play around with different pages from Internet, modify their layout, customize styling and extract certain components. You can also use Pinegrow Web Designer to build and design your website from the ground up.

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  • If you need help or have a question to Pinegrow Web Designer 1.0.0, visit our forum or contact us
  • Would you like to update Pinegrow Web Designer 1.0.0 info?

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