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Squid Manager 1.2

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Squid Manager - Graphical interface for the Squid web proxy cache

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Squid Manager - Graphical interface for the Squid web proxy cache
Squid Manager is a powerful Mac OS X application that provides a simple graphical interface for controlling and monitoring your Squid web proxy cache. Forget the Terminal, just point and click to perform many tasks including starting and stopping Squid, rotating the Squid log files, enabling full debugging mode and reloading the configuration file. These actions can be performed via menus, key commands and directly from the Dock.For your peace of mind, Squid Manager periodically checks whether Squid is running so that you can easily identify if your proxy stops unexpectedly. A quick glance at the Dock tells you if Squid is running or not.Monitor the activity of your cache through Squid Manager's modern and intuitive interface. With Squid Manager you can easily view the latest entries and statistics from all of the server's log files.Squid Manager can start Squid with any combination of the standard Squid startup options. Using Squid Manager?s graphical interface you can easily test different startup options to ensure that your Squid operates as you need it to.Close integration with the Finder provides many useful functions. Now you can reveal your important Squid files in the Finder, enabling you to quickly modify and manipulate these files with other Mac OS X applications. In addition, if you see an interesting log file entry, you can save a copy of the log at that moment to the Desktop for further analysis.

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