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Vintage synthesizer instruments

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Vintage synthesizer instruments SynthPack for GarageBand provides 154 brand new vintage synth instruments for GarageBand.Specially programmed sounds from some of the classic synths of the 80s and 90s in one superb value SoundPack for GarageBand. Synths featured include MiniMoog, Matrix 12, Xpander, ARP 2600, MKS70, Octave Cat, Juno 106, MemoryMoog, Matrix 6, MC202 and more. The library includes sounds that can be categorized as follows:37 - Basses,25 - FX Sounds,5 - Strings,5 - Brass,10 - Lead,36 - Pads,10 - Sequence Noizs,3 - Organs,9 - Choirs, and14 other misc. sounds too hard to categorize! Requirements:
GarageBand 1.0
Logic Pro or Express 7.0 or later.
What's New in This Release:
Multi-lingual support - English, German, French & Italian - and a few fixes.

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