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A world clock widget that provides local times, daylight hours, moon phase info and country flags

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A world clock widget that provides local times, daylight hours, moon phase info and country flags
More than a clock! Displays the current level of natural light (daylight, twilight, or night), moon phase information, local times and country flags for cities throughout the world. A daylight bar gives the user a picture of the 24 hours of natural light (bright daylight, three levels of twilight, and night) for the current day. This feature enables users to gain a better sense of daylight hours for cities both faraway and nearby. VelaClock displays an image of the moon as seen in the sky above the currently selected city. This image accurately depicts the angle at which the moon's crescent appears to be rotated from the vertical. Because this angle may change dramatically within the span of an hour, it is updated once a minute.The boundary of the illuminated region of the moon is also updated every minute, resulting in accurate depiction of the moon's phase. The name of the current moon phase is provided, as well as local times for the next and previous phase events (new, quarter, full). To accurately provide local times for locations around the globe VelaClock depends on a public domain time zone database called "tz database." This database is arguably the most accurate time zone database available. Besides local times, the relative time can be displayed. The relative time shows the number of hours the selected city is ahead or behind the current time zone, as set in the System Preferences. For each city displayed, the corresponding country flag is shown. Limitations:
· 15 days trial period. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Updated Daylight Saving Time rules for Argentina and Syria.

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