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Wusage 8.0 p46

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Wusage helps you create your own idea about an website number of visitors.

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Wusage helps you create your own idea about an website number of visitors. Wusage is a statistics system that helps you determine the true impact of your web server.By measuring the popularity of your documents, as well as identifying the sites that access your server most often, wusage provides valuable marketing information.By determining the paths your users follow and analyzing the sites from which they come, Wusage helps you find out which outside sites are most important to you. Practically all organizations, whether commercial or educational or nonprofit, need solid numbers to make credible claims about the World Wide Web. Wusage fills that need.Limitations:30 days trial use What's New in This Release:
Extremely fast reverse DNS lookups! Wusage 8.0 can translate from IP address to hostname hundreds of times per second. This feature makes turning on reverse DNS lookups a very realistic option for most users, and they are now enabled by default. UPGRADING USERS: BE SURE TO SET YOUR CONNECTION SPEED once via the optimization page, or use the -bps command line option to specify the speed of your connection.
When setting log file locations (the logfiles option), * and ? wildcards are now permitted in the last component of the path. Example: /home/www/logs/access_log*
Greatly improved progress display, for both Unix and Windows.
Multiple virtual server names are supported for each website.
Automatic discovery of Microsoft IIS server names when Wusage is running on the server itself. Users no longer need to specify W3SVCx as the virtual server name to analyze; Wusage can look up the W3SVCx name based on the domain name.
The site navigation graph reveals how your website is truly used. This highly informative graph provides a visual guide to the most frequently followed paths through your website. The navigation graph is often surprising; it often contradicts the way webmasters think their site is designed. This feature provides a tremendous amount of information; we utilize the open source graphviz and ghostscript packages (both free, and easily installed separately) in order to create the best available visual representation of your users' true behavior. The graph is presented as a PDF file (Portable Document Format) to facilitate easy printing of this large report, which is often best appreciated when taped to a whiteboard or simply laid out on the floor. We simply can't say enough about this great new feature.
The Documents by Directory report no longer requires hundreds of files and subdirectories. This report is now rendered via Javascript, allowing just a few files to contain the report data for all subdirectory reports. This feature saves a great deal of disk space.
Document structure is now displayed. Easily view a list of "components," such as images and frames, that make up each document on your website.
Percentage of successful downloads is displayed for every object. For pages, this percentage takes into account whether or not the user succeeded in downloading all of the images that make up the page. Extremely useful when you wish to evaluate the quality of an end user's experience! Wusage 8 analyzes eight pages simultaneously to limit the performance impact of this great new feature; it can also be turned off if performance becomes a concern.
Stolen" objects report: see which of your images, audio fi les, etc. are being embedded in OTHER websites.
Separate subreports for pages, images, audio, video, and so on. User-editable "subtypes" allow you to add more subreports and edit the definition of existing subreports.
"Subtypes" can also be used as a better basis for historical charts, such as the "page views" chart.
Historical charts are now accessible from the "home page" of each report set. This change addresses a common concern among users who had difficulty locating the "View Chart" buttons in the 7.0 series.
CGI scripts, keywords and parameters report tells you everything you need to know about your interactive pages.
Screen resolution and depth report tells you how many pixels your users can see, and with how many colors. Stop wondering what your site looks like to your customers; now you know for sure!
Improved user-identifying cookie handling code deals gracefully with servers that log a cookie on the first request and servers that log cookies only when they come back from the client. Wusage no longer counts single-access "visits" as such, because they are typically the result of identity-masking software that skews the number of visits. Instead, the program counts these "stealthy" accesses and scales them according to the average accesses per visit for more typical "non-stealthy" users.
Document titles are displayed in addition to URLs. Wusage 8 analyzes eight pages simultaneously to limit the performance impact of this great new feature; to further improve performance, it is done in the same pass with reverse DNS lookups, if both are enabled. It can also be turned off if performance becomes a concern.
Additional user-definable output features ease the localization of reports. See labelthousands, labeldecimalpoint and labelnavigationreport.
Important aesthetic improvements, such as the use of "greenbar" for readability. As with 7.0, users can completely rewrite our HTML if they prefer, using the report macro language.
There is no longer any fixed limit on the width of each line in the database.dat file. This permits large numbers of entries to be added to the historical totals option, if desired.
Efficiency and memory usage improvements.

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