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This widget speaks the sentence that you type in

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This widget speaks the sentence that you type in
The Yoda Widget simply asks you to enter a sentence into a text box, you hit enter, the widget changes the order of the words and uses a system voice to speak the generated text out loud. For example: you type "I am Yoda." and Yoda will say "Yoda, I am". This widget changes the order of the words in the sentence that you type in. The voice that is used to speak the text relies on the voices provided by the Mac OS. Tip: There is no definite pattern on the sentence structure that Yoda uses. Sentences containing verbs such as "to have" or "to be" work well. Sentences containing subjects like "I", "you" , "we", etc. work well too. If your sentence is a question, make sure you add a question mark. Examples: Here are a few examples. - I am Yoda -> Yoda, I am - The clone wars have begun -> begun, the clone wars have - Are you going home? -> going home, are you? What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Changed the default voice to "Whisper" upon user requests. If you prefer a different default voice, you can choose another one in the widget's preferences.
· Improved the word-reordering-algorithm.
· Many more enhancements.

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