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jCinc 0.2.0

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jCinc - Run cardiac programs on a real computer

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jCinc - Run cardiac programs on a real computer
The purpose of the Cinc project is to develop an emulator for Bell Labs' Cardiac (cardboard illustrative aid to computation) computer. The main product from this project is a Java program called jCinc.Cinc is a program that emulates the Bell Laboratories Cardiac computer (from here on referred to as cardiac). Cardiac stands for cardboard illustrative aid to computation. jCinc is a java version of Cinc.The jCinc emulator allows you to run cardiac programs on a real computer. The real cardiac allows the student to learn how computers work internally. jCinc allows the student to concentrate on programming tasks by allowing the execution of cardiac programs.The jCinc emulator is similar to the original cinc emulator when it is used in command line mode. The current version of jCinc does not have an implementationof the cardiac assembler. This will be implemented in a future version.The Cardiac kit was published by Bell Labs in 1969 as a tool to teach computing to high school students. The Cardiac kit consists of a book describing the system and how to operate and program Cardiac in machine language and a fully functional cardboard cRequirements:· JRE 1.4.2 or higher

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