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Want to have a flat stomach???
Start your workout today! This app can help you succeed!
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A6Wmobile known as A6W set helps in regular workout program.
A6W workout programme, also known as Aerobic Weider Six, is a set of six shaping stomach exercises. Exercise can be done at any time of a day. Won’t take long. At the beginning it lasts about 10 minutes, exercises won’t make any difficult. As time goes by, exercise set is getting harder, time and repetitions are longer and harder. Workout programme should be done regularly, but if you missed one day, it’s no biggie.
What you can see in this app is specific exercises explanations with realistic animation on your mobile. You can check out everyday workout programme for next days. But the most important facility is to assist - there’s a hint about the number of exercises along with the animation. When whole set is done, you click the given button. There’s the workout set notification for the next day (you set the right time). If you don’t want to do specific exercise, just pick “not now” button - application will remind you about that in the following day.

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