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AOSM free download for iphone & ipad, AOSM download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

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AOSM for iOS is the perfect social media tool for advertising organization's updates on Twitter and Facebook fanpage. Application is nothing to do with personal Facebook Account. It has to do with the facebook fanpage.This application is only for aosm dedicated users. Managing social-media advertising efforts (Facebook Fanpage and twitter)Publish images from flicker , iOS photo library and AOSM history with text to their respective facebook fanpage walls and twitter.Retrieve likes,comments for the posts that you have sent .Flicker search Images and these images can post to your fanpage walls and also you can tweets.Application will make sure that the facebook and twitter accounts will be integrated from web interface provided on website by admins. If you wont have aosm account .You can not logged in to app to use features.

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