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Al Ajmy Special Surahs free download for iphone & ipad, Al Ajmy Special Surahs download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

Al Ajmy Special Surahs 1.0

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This is the application for iPod Touches and iPhones.
The iPad application is called Al Ajmy Special Surahs HD.
Qur'an Special Surahs
Protection And Benefits was produce in 1996 by JHI Production,
and was very popular by everyone and still is all around the world.
Now we have made them into apps.
We have our twenty different reciters each having there the own app
so you can choose your favourite one,audio built in to each app.
This is a paid app so we can continue with all our free dawah projects
for non musiims and new reverts to islam,
18- Surah Kahf - Noor created with angels praying for forgiveness
if read before sleep Protection from fitna for 8 days
32- Surah Sajda Cure for aches and pains Equivalent to all night
ibada on Laylatul Qadr if recited with Surah Mulk -
36- Surah Yaseen (Qalbe Qur'an) Cure for 1000 illnesses
Drinking mixture of rose water and saffron – excellent memory
Increase in breast milk Equivalent to 12 complete Qur'ans
Thawab of 20 Hajj Forgiveness for one on deathbed – angels accompany
janaza and easy sakarat
Fulfillment of hajat Safety from squeezing of grave
55- Surah Rahmaan (Bride of Qur'an) Cures eye problems Removal of hypocrisy from the heart
May ask forgiveness for whoever one wants
Safety angel appointed If written on wall, keeps away household pests
56- Surah Waaqia - Loved by Allah Ta'ala and people Safety from poverty
Forgiveness of sins if recited on deathbed
Sustenance increased if read no of times as lunar date
67- Surah Mulk (Munjiya) - Thawab of doing ibada on Laylatul Qadr
Will remove reciter from Jahannam
Protection of Allah
Recitation on Eid gives thawab of allnight ibada Safety from fear in grave
Relief for marhum/a who has just died
Intercession for memoriser in Qiyam

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