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ButaSockets! Free free download for iphone & ipad, ButaSockets! Free download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

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- Explanation of applicationPlease match timing to the nose of the pig that rotates, and insert the socket. If you can insert a socket in the hole of the nose of the pig wonderfully.It is the acquisition of the score!It is likely to survive if iPhone is lightly shaken even if failing!Three stages are prepared. When you continue getting a score, the stage changes.When a stage advances, the rotary speed becomes fast.- OthersThere is a pay version to which the advertisement is not displayed either. A pay version provides the function to switch on or off of the sounds. The function to switch the background to either at daytime or night is provided.- DirectionsPlease discontinue it at once when eyes turn or it becomes unpleasant.

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