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Create dazzling fingerprint art with “Finger Drawing”.
Finger Drawing” is incredibly easy, fun and intuitive - All you got to do is color your fingertip with your favorite color and begin your masterpiece.
Touch and drag to print shapes of different sizes and angles. Resize and rotate shapes, as you want!!
Besides … With “Finger Drawing”, easily add details to your masterpiece with a marker pen, of different stroke size and color.
You could further enhance your masterpiece by using our “shapers”!! You could also choose a pattern from our “shapers” for your masterpiece. Our shapers include: impression of a ladyfinger and a footprint. You could make this impression in any color you want!
We offer an unlimited choice of colors on our color palate. Explore the range of colors and choose the right shade of red for your masterpiece.
Try “Finger Drawing” and unleash your creative skills.
Key Features:
- Create mess-free finger print art.
- Two other shapes available – Lady finger & foot.
- Touch and drag print shapes of different sizes and direction.
- Rotate, expand and minimize them as you want.
- Tap & reposition or delete the shapes.
- Marker with different stroke size and colors.
- Change background colors.
- Unlimited choice of colors on the mega palette.
- Unlimited undo/redo for the shape.
- Save & share every masterpiece you create.

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