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Foot and Ankle is an application for people with foot or ankle injuries who would like to find an innovative and up-to-date solution to their problems.It is carried out by expert orthopedic surgeons who specialize in the reconstruction of ankle and foot injuries, directed by Doctor Fernando Noriega in Madrid, Spain.The application is also a source of information for other people who want to learn more in-depth about injuries that can affect ankles and feet. It can be used also by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and medical students to get immediate access to this information.Foot and Ankle is divided into two parts: foot and ankle injuries, and the innovative cosmetic foot surgery. Each section describes the diseases, the fractures, and the deformities that are most frequently treated. Each one of the injuries appears on the list of processes so as to facilitate their being found. Clicking on the majority will show three sections: treatment, pre- and post-operation photos, and a video in Spanish of the patients who have been treated. For more information please visit our websites: www.iicop.com, www.cirugiaesteticadelpie.com or www.doctorfernandonoriega.comYou can find information about:1.Foot and ankle fractures2.Fractures mal union3.Arthroscopic surgery of the foot & ankle4.Ankle arthritis5.Reumatoid arthritis6.Forefoot deformities7.Equinus foot8.Clubfoot9.Cavo varus foot10.Flat foot11.Calcaneus foot12.Diabetic & Charcot foot13.Tendon lesions14.Cartilage transplantation15.Alignment osteotomies of the leg16.Rare foot syndromes 17.Tumors18.AmputationsIn cosmetic foot surgery:1.Syndactyly2.Apert syndrome3.Failed syndactyly repair4.Shorthening of the too long big toe5.Shorthening of the lesser toes6.Alignment of the big toe7.Alignment of the lesser toes8.Ectrodactyly9.Brachymetatarsia10.Multiple brachymetatarsia11.Underlaping toes12.Claw toes13.Narrowing of the splay forefoot14.Removal of the heel prominentes15.Filled the calf with fat autograft

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