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Locate and contact your nearest Greco Lean and Fit locations, plus access up-to-date schedules, right from your iPhone and other Apple devices! ABOUT GRECOLive Lean, Live Fit, Live WellGreco is an expert in fitness, health and wellness programs with sophisticated boutique workout facilities across Ottawa, Canada.Greco (www.grecobrand.com) was founded by Tony Greco, Canada's Leading Fitness Specialist and top graduate of the Sports Performance Institute, whose certification exceeds the guidelines established by the National Fitness Leaders Advisory Council in personal training, strength training and aerobics instruction.Tony is the Director of Training at his nine Greco locations throughout the Ottawa area. He is also the founder and creator of the famed Greco Lean and Fit program. www.grecoleanandfit.comFrequently sought out by some of the biggest names in the NHL, Tony trains Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers, Dan Boyle of the San Jose Sharks, and Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators (former Ottawa Senator), just to name a few! Tony is also requested by some of the region’s best young hockey prospects, including Paul Byron of the Calgary Flames and Alex Grant of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has also created fitness programs for and personally trained country superstar Carrie Underwood and former supermodel Carol Alt.Tony founded a charity called the Foundation to Fight Obesity in Children, where he empowers the children of today to live a healthy and happy life by supporting them with education, proper nutrition and daily exercise to become the Champions they were born to be.www.fightobesityinchildren.comTony has dedicated his life to: "Transforming Bodies, Lifting Spirits and Strengthening Minds” and does so by continuing to challenge his clients on a daily basis.

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