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Hatsune Miku digital clock free download for Android, Hatsune Miku digital clock download on software download Android - foxtoo.com

Hatsune Miku digital clock

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Hatsune Miku is the home of the digital clock widget application. Today's...

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Hatsune Miku is the home of the digital clock widget application.
Today's date and time and day of the week will be displayed on the display.
You can view the clock in multiple combinations.
Can stop that clock stops on the system of android
There, the establishment or re-open settings configuration screen
Please then.
If you press and hold menu return to the home screen
Press the Add button widget screen will be appeared
After selecting and pressing the digital clock of Hatsune Miku
On the screen, a digital clock Hatsune Miku will be displayed.
Placed in the home after the widget
When you press the widget, and set the battery terminal Settings app
Button to display the sound can be set in the gallery.
The remaining amount of battery and temperature is always displayed.
Check the battery power consumption by function
By the consumption of battery
Adjustments will be possible.
Button from the Settings screen, various types of terminal
Put out is called the setting.
From the calendar is a calendar button in the terminal
Is started, etc. It is recommended to schedule management.
The entire app from the app configuration button
Can be managed, and the capacity of the terminal
Adjustment of the SD memory card is possible.
The battery and battery temperature is always displayed.
You can start from Miku digital clock was placed in the widget.
The size of the widget is 1 × 1
The size of the widget is a 2 × 2
Authority of the following, we use for display ads.
Communications network
• read status and ID of the mobile
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