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Hello Petz free download for iphone & ipad, Hello Petz download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

Hello Petz 1.0.0

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So cute!
One-time message app
"Hello Petz"
Adorable Petz delivers your single message heartily.
Just 13-letters simple and thoughtful tool in communication to reach your friend or someone very special !
■Petz delivers your message with adorable animation!
Choose your favorite among all different kind of Petz.
Petz delivers a message you want to send with various animations.
How they describe? Just wait till you send it!
■Sending it within 13 letters!
You can send up to 13 letters at once.
Greetings, jokes, important messages, whatever.
Petz delivers any of your message thoroughly.
■Only one time to play a message!?
Messages that you have received is for one-time view only .
It will go quickly, and a little sad?
but you can enjoy one-time message completely, insead!
Let's start "Hello Petz" now!
==About Petz coins==
You will get coins by some communications via "Hello Petz".
The first message that you send on the day brings a coin to both of the sender and the receiver.

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