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Logic3 i-Station free download for iphone & ipad, Logic3 i-Station download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

Logic3 i-Station v1.0.12

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The i-Station APP is a FREE Download which adds many additional functions including an Enhanced Alarm Clock with Sleep mode, Weather, Voice Message, Calendar, Music Player, Nature Sounds, Photo Album, Slideshow, EQ Setting, FM Radio Control (i-Station Tower only) and also features an Internet Radio and is My Music (Play Anywhere) ready.The App only works with the i-Station Podium or i-Station Tower docking speaker systems.Key Features:•Large flip clock display with Time, Date and Weather•Alarm clock with Snooze function, select from: Voice Message alarm, Music Player alarm, 15 Nature Sounds alarm or a Beeping Alarm plus Sleep timer function•Playback music from your iPhone or iPod or choose from 15 Nature sounds•FM Radio Control with Presets (i-Station Tower only)•Internet Radio (Listen to music stations from around the world via the internet radio feature - powered by PlayAnywhere) •My Music (powered by PlayAnywhere) ready Once you have registered, you can sync your music library with the My Music service provider’s database, so that you can playback your songs from any of your registered wired or wireless devices•Auxiliary Line-in switch to play music from an external device•Photo Slide Show with or without background music (You can also group your favourite photos on My photo and then run a slideshow of your photos)•Voice message/memo recording•Settings Screen : Select the EQ setting, change between C or F degrees units for the temperature display and select a city for the weather display.

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