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Mayan calendar helps us to understand change around us better while it makes us aware that the true power is in the present moment driven by a particular energy. It's helps us to dive into the flow of now. Because of this, Mayan calendar, is a spiritual device that enables a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness towards enlightenment. THIS APPLICATION USES THE TRUE TZOLKIN COUNT WHICH HAS BEEN USED UNINTERUPTED FOR 2500 YEARS. IT WILL ENABLE YOU TO USE THE MAYAN CALENDAR FOR THE SAME THINGS AS THE MAYA DAYKEEPERS DO:1. To keep track of the energies of the day,2. To calculate birth energies of different individuals,3. To determine the celebration of holidays (also personal holidays),4. To base healing practices on,5. For prophecy, and6. For divination of individual destinies. For better and easier understanding we provided also descriptions of daily energies and mayan signs written by a world renowned Mayan calendar expert dr. Carl Johan Calleman.This application is suitable for all spiritual seekers and warriors, even if it's the first time you hear about it. Decode to natural time and support the cause now! Proceedings will enable further development of the application and raising of awareness.What is the Sacred calendar or Tzolkin and how to use it?Tzolkin is not a calendar in the usual connotation of this word but a sequence of 260 different energies in a specific order that creates the cosmic evolution of consciousness. Every day has a different energy and knowing the energy helps us to steer better through everyday situations and challengs. It's a pattern of energies that drives the divine process of creation in all of its aspects and for this reason so it should also help your creation. The experience of a day energy is to a high degree modified by what day sign a you are born into. This calendar describes the cosmic flow of time and it is in the interaction with your individual flow of time (which is determined by what day sign you were born in) that your experience of the various days will arise. What makes the Mayan calendar fundamentally different from other calendars in existence in the world is that its various symbols are reflective of the evolution of consciousness in the cosmos.Through deeper understanding of the cosmic plan our role in it unveils and gives us meaning. This may be such an unusual way of looking at time that it is difficult for most modern people to comprehend. What's with 2012 and the end of the world?Many people hear about the so-called end date of the Mayan calendar, and today some people have even created the illusion that the Mayan calendar was designed only to point out this end date. In reality, there is nothing to indicate that the ancient Maya who developed the Long Count calendar had any interest in what would happen as this calendar came to an end. Instead what the ancient Mayan scriptures talk about is its BEGINNING. In reality, only the creation cycle will end on October 28, 2011, which could be poetically said that »gods will give power into our hands«. This day is also 13 Ahau in the sacred Mayan calendar, an energy with great prophetical relevance.Special thanks & creditsSpecial thanks to Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, world renowned Maya researcher, for providing interpretations and insights about the Maya. To find out more about the Mayan Calendar, please visit www.calleman.com.Download the application and decode to natural time now!

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