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Grow your email list; use your iPad to gather your customer details. Guests enter in their contact information and sign up for your mailing list. They can also flip through the pages of the guestbook to see other guests' comments, just like a traditional guestbook. A search button allows guests to search for people they know by first name or by city, allowing them to find friends, people they might know, or even themselves from a past visit. You can export the data so you never have to do tedious data entry again. Nor will you have to read cursive or guess at email addresses.
• All address, email and other private contact information is hidden from other guests.
• Guests will only be able to see the photo, name, comments and city of past guests.
• Guests can sign up to receive promotional emails from you.
• Set a password on the settings so only you can access them.
• Send yourself an email of all your contacts in a .tsv file (which can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet program).
• Delete an entry by triple-tapping on its photo area.
This is a very simple first version. It comes with no bells or whistles, just a guestbook that works and does what a guestbook ought to. There are great possibilities for a version 2.0; thoughts of social media and more interactive features. Please feel free to comment with any desired features; we will take the most asked-for features and include them in a (free) future update.

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