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Can you name more than one piece by Antonio Vivaldi? Now imagine hundreds of works by the same composer slumbering in archives…until today.With The Vivaldi Edition, a project involving research, restoration and recording, Naïve is bringing this music back to life and sharing their passion for it by means of this entirely free application. This first version offers you more than one hour of exhilarating music – instrumental, sacred and opera – by Vivaldi.Whether you are a musician, a music lover or simply curious or wildly passionate, My Vivaldi will transport you to the Baroque world of this Italian genius. Let yourself be guided by the application’s simplicity and remarkable sound quality. In a crowded metro or alone on your couch, this music will stagger you with its emotional force.Each album is an invitation to a voyage : My Vivaldi holds all the charm of a forgotten Venice which has come back to the surface…on your iPhone.

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