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You're pocket guide to Leeds! Get directions, addresses, numbers, info, emails and websites for all you're nearest: Bars / Clubs / Taxis / Cashpoints / Restaurants / Hotels / Banks / Supermarkets / Doctors / Dentists / Opticians / Pharmacies / A&E Units / StudentHalls / Galleries / Theatres / Cinemas / Stadiums / Music Venues and more! Links to bus and train services. Includes maps of Leeds bus and train routes as well as traffic updatesLarge map for finding you're location and getting around. Never get lost in Leeds again! Includes local news and events feeds to keep you updated on whats happening in the Leeds area. Ideal for students, residents and tourists who may be new to the city or just want to make life easier for themselves. We try our best to provide accurate information to our users. However every now and then you may come across something not quite right as companies change their details every now and then. If this happens or you notice anything wrong please let us know so our development team can fix the problem. Contact us at If you have any reviews of the application, complaints or feel you're copyright has been breached please contact us at Companies: If you are a Leeds based company and would like to feature in this application free of charge contact Similarly if you are a featured company and no longer want to be listed contact us at the same email.

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