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Nouvel Edito B1 free download for iphone & ipad, Nouvel Edito B1 download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

Nouvel Edito B1 1.0

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216 exercises to improve your French on your iPad!
Discover the Nouvel Edito B1 exercise application to practice in French as a foreign language (FFL) at a level B1 of the common European Framework (CEF).
The exercises are linked to the progression of the units of Le Nouvel Edito B1, a coursebook of French for young adults and adults.
You can work on the exercices via each unit to follow the progression of the coursebook Le Nouvel Edito B1.
To focus on a specific point, you can also access the exercises by skill: grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, written understanding, written production.
A summary by unit or by skill is given to allow you to identify easily what you are good at and what you must work on.
With Le Nouvel Edito, France and the French-speaking world are under the spotlights!
Discover also the Mobile A1 and A2 iPad apps, to practice in French at a level A1 and A2 of the CEF.

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