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Redstick Pro 1.22.0

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Redstick Pro, is the pinnacle of professional tools developed entirely based on feedback from professional Redstick Site Cad users in over 83 countries worldwide. Redstick Pro will not only make measuring existing structures a pleasure it is compatible with Redstick Pro Data. Sophisticated, simple, quick and accurate. Measure using Leica or other laser devices or a tape. Redstick Pro will create full 3D IFC files, the perfect front end design utility for Archicad, Architect, Revit or any IFC compliant software. Email your files or download from your iPad or iPhone. Apple to Mac or PC. No need to re-interpret or redraw plans from scratchy notes. More and more features being added almost weekly based on user demand.Start your BIM, Real Estate Marketing, Surveying and Assessment process on site!Note:This version will not support Bluetooth Keyboards. We are working hard to correct this. New:Objects/Symbols library. - New Compliance SymbolsMultiple Storeys with Ghosting - Option to output all Storeys to PDF - Scale, Storey, & Page number displayed on each pageInterface.- Update to Scaling- Icon scaling corrected- Exit Icon removedPDF underlaysFreehand AnnotationOffset ToolPhotosWalls. - Trims - Wall Thickness DefaultsLines. - Weights Added - Color change on the FlySupport RegistrationRe-size Handles less SensitiveUpdated Objects/Symbols LibraryConstrain Angle settingsIFC. - Improved IFC Walls - Updates to Door SwingsImprovements to Wall LockingIf you have any derogatory comments, rather than attempting sabotage, please email us directly at support@redstickcad.com instead of posting a negative comment. We are a growing company that prides ourselves on innovation, quality products, honesty and great customer service. We will get back to you if you actually email us.Even better call us.

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