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This application may help you in an emergency situation, and maybe save your life.
Suppose you are lost somewhere, or you had an accident and you are wounded, or your car had a breakdown.
Sure, you have your iPhone and you can call for assistance.
But imagine you are in an unknown place, and there aren't visible indications to identify your position.
How can you tell your rescuers where exactly you are ?
This application can detect you current position using GPS, and send an SMS giving the exact coordinates: latitude and longitude of your location.
The people who receive this message, can enter the coordinates in Google Maps, or Google Earth, find your exact position, and come to your rescue.
The application has a Configure option, and allows you to store a list of phone numbers to be used when calling for help. Using this option will speed up the procedure in case of emergency, because you don't need to manually enter the phone numbers: you will find them automatically inserted.
The message body also will be automatically composed, so you only have to touch the "Send" button.
The SMS will have this look:
I am in a trouble, and I urgently need assistance.
My current position is:
Latitude: 37.331689
Longitude: -122.030731
Use these coordinates in Google Maps
or Google Earth to find me.
Help me please !

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