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Check if you snore! How often? How does that sound? SnoreClock records all...

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Check if you snore!
How often? How does that sound?
SnoreClock records all noise during sleep and checks if you snore.
1.) Records all the noise while you are sleeping
2.) Shows periods where the probability of snoring is high in red
3.) Measure the volume of the entire recording period and displays them on a chart
4.) Recording time up to 11 hours
5.) Stops the recording if battery becomes weak. Recording with charger is recommended!
6.) Easy navigate in the recording with slider
Features of Plus Version
1) Remove ads
2.) Delayed start
3.) Select the path where the sound files will be stored
The Plus Version is available through in app purchase.
Keywords: snore, detect, record, sound, talk, sleep, noise, control, clock, db, bed, dream
If you need help please select the help menu in SnoreClock.
There you can access the docs or contact the support.
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