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Want to know how long until the burn? Want to know what to do once you get there?This version of the app includes a built-in snapshot of the Playa Events Calendar, and allows you to browse, sort, and search through it in a variety of ways, even without a network or internet connection. **New For 2012**The database of DJ performances, gathered by Rockstar Librarian, has been added to make the app even more useful as a planning tool.**New For 2012**The BRC Map has been added, to help you navigate the city. You can drop pins onto the map to keep track of the people, events, and artwork you find as you wander the city.This is the event database system I have wanted ever since I started going to the playa in 2001 and had to struggle with the "What,When,Where" Guide.If you have suggestions about how to make the app better, I would love to hear them.  The majority of the enhancements and upgrades in this version were suggested by the burningman community.I hope you find the app useful, it's my gift to BRC.

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