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With timed quizes, highscores, and multiple difficulty levels, learning the multiplication tables (times tables) can become fun! NOTE: you can decide whether questions appear as 7x1, 7x2 or 1x7, 2x7 by configuring the player!Quick overview of features:- timed quizes- highscores- multiple levels of difficulty- progress tracking- competitions with friends and familyDemonstration videos showing some of these features can be found at http://www.kumo.it/iphone/times-tables/ or http://www.youtube.com/dakegumoHIGHSCORES AND COMPETITIONS:After each test the child receives a score along with how long they took, their highscore position, and the results for each of the questions. Once they have progressed on a number of times tables they can challenge their friends (or family members) to a competition and compete for the highest scores.PROGRESS TRACKING:This program tracks all of your child's answers so you can see how well he or she is doing in each table and also if they are having problems with any questions.QUICK QUIZZES:Quick quizes allow you to quickly start a quiz without having to worry about configuring anything. The quick quizzes create questions on the times tables that have been unlocked and each quiz has its own highscore table so that your child can always see how well they have done. The quick quizes are currently:- two timed quizes (1 minute and 3 minutes)- two fixed number of questions quizes (30 questions and 100 questions)- and a "1 mistake and it's over" quizIf you want to create a quiz with specific times tables then you can create a custom quiz that allows you to choose any of the tables for the above quick quizes.DIFFICULTY LEVELS:When you first use the program, all of the tables start out at level 0. This is an introductory level that asks the questions in order and there are no time limits or maximum number of mistakes so that the child can study the questions one by one. As the child completes the tests for each times table they will progress to harder levels. With each level the number of mistakes they can make decreases and the questions start having a time limit for each question.USER REVIEWS:"My 7 year old son now WANTS to play with Maths problems""Makes learning the times tables fun""It's one of the best""I like this app it's easy to use and genuinely improves your performance"

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