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Times Table and Number Bond practice in your pocket! Help your child learn their basic times tables and numb bonds with this new app available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Features: - Multiple choice questions for 1-10 times tables in random order- Select the times table you want to practice- Multiple choice questions covering number bond additions up to 20 in random order- High score feature for number bonds- Select number of questions for number bondsThis app has been built this app to help 6-7 year olds perfect their basic times tables and number bonds. It is perfect for children learning their 1 to 10 times tables and all number bond combinations up to 20. For those who are unfamiliar with number bonds, the idea is that children learn how to make a number from a pair of other numbers. So for example, number bonds for 10, include 6+4, 7+3 and so on. By learning these it is believed that their mental arithmetic skills become much stronger. I have chosen to put this app out for free as it is very simple and I wanted to share amongst those with children of a similar age. If you find it helpful, please rate it on the App Store and spread the word. Please also look at my other apps available on iTunes, which are currently targeting the 11+ verbal reasoning exam. Keep looking too as I am planning to cover other educational areas in the coming months. Feedback on this and other areas I could look at would be welcome. If you know me, please get in touch. If not please contact me via my support website.

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