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Times Tables x free download for iphone & ipad, Times Tables x download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

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Learn your times tables super fast and easily. The easiest and quickest way to test and learn your timestables. Simply the best times tables app on the app store!Designed and tested by a school teacher. Super simple to use spinner interface and gesture based interaction. - Start with 1x1 and work your way to 12x12. - Questions and answers displayed and spoken. - Reinforce learning as any question answered wrong will show and tell correct answer. You will also be automatically asked again later, until you get it correct. - Status bar records each times table that is completed until you get them all right.Normal mode:- Flick with your fingers to spin to any question. Speed mode:- Test your skills with locked in questions and limited time on each question. - Learn by simply just watching and listening the questions answers. Gestures:- Enter and exit the modes by swiping finger left or right.- Ergonomic design with ability to turn upside down to change from right to left hander answering. - Once your done then shake to reset to start again.No complex settings or menus, just get in to it.

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