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WineWeb POS free download for iphone & ipad, WineWeb POS download on software download iphone & ipad- foxtoo.com

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WineWeb POS app allows you to use the WineWeb’s point-of-sale service on an iPad with a microphone jack connected credit card reader. This app is available to wineries and requires a subscription to the WineWeb Point-of-Sale service.
WineWeb provides an integrated suite of technology services for wineries, including websites, e-commerce, wine clubs, point-of-sale, customer relationship management and email campaign management. Details for all services, including pricing, are available at www.wineweb.com/services.
The WineWeb POS service can be used on any device with a browser and an Internet connection. You need this app only if you intend to connect a credit card reader to the microphone jack of the iPad. This app supports the IDTech UniMag II card reader.

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