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Zoom Asset Browser 1.6.5

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This is a companion app to the Zoom Creative Production suite. It provides a lite version of Zoom Desktop/Web Asset Browser that connects with an organization's Zoom Digital Asset Management server in order to search by metadata and preview matching digital assets.
Zoom application suite enables organizations to gain complete command over the entire creative process. The comprehensive range of features in Zoom integrate visual version control, advanced project workflow management, web-based review tools, and archiving to allow it to go well beyond traditional digital asset management (DAM) solutions.
The end result of our innovative approach equips organizations with the solutions necessary to reduce project turnaround times, ensure tools, processes and decision making are integrated into the workflow, all the while gaining the insights required for streamlining their business. From concept to completion, Zoom optimizes the creative process and allows organizations to drive down the cost and time to execute creative jobs.

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